We make your safety and security our top priority.

Residential Services

Intrusion Alarm (and a whole lot more)

Protect you home 24 hours a day - with interactive features provided by Alarm.com, along with our UL-Listed Central Monitoring Station, we notify you and the authorities should an unauthorized entry occur. No home phone line required. Our panels have an integrated cell phone. (and they never text and drive)

System Devices Include: Wired or Wireless

Motion Detectors - Detects movement inside your home (pet friendly too)

Door/Window Sensors - Detects when a door/window is opened

Water and Freeze Sensors - Detects the presence of water or freezing

Smoke Detectors - Detects the presence of smoke

Heat Detectors - Detects abnormal elevated temperatures

Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Detects the presence of dangerous CO gas

Video Surveillance

With video recording the camera never lies. Protect you and your family, your valuables, and your home with a state of the art video recording solution from Smith Security. View live feeds and playback recordings from your smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

We install, maintain and service alarm systems and video surveillance systems. Call and talk with us today about your needs.